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High Court Sheriff Turns up to Enforce PaymentThe Sheriffs Are Coming

Pakistan International Airlines neglecting payment of court judgment gets nasty shock when high court sheriff turns-up with TV cameras to enforce payment. BBC's here come the sherriffs.

When it comes to claiming flight compensation, the battle does not always end with a successful Judgment. [...]

Five Reasons The Weather Can Cause A Flight Delay Five reasons the weather can cause a flight delay

When you’re at the airport waiting for a flight, and you see a light dusting of snow on the ground or a rain shower, it can seem ridiculous that weather can cause aviation delays.

But what may seem like a harmless bit of weather can cause havoc for flights all over the world. Here are just [...]

Forgotten Items Cost Holiday Makers MillionsForgotten-Items

It’s ridiculous to think that the average week in the sun, plus spending money, totals a whopping £1,244 per family.

But it’s even more stupid that as a nation, we cough up £144 million every year replacing our forgotten holiday items.

Yes, you read that right. We spend an average [...]

What Are The Most Common Reasons For Flight Delays?Common Reasons For Flight Delays

Unfortunately, flight delays are a common occurrence all across the world. According to FlightStats, in the last 30 days, over 82,000 flights were delayed across Europe.

So, why are so many flights delayed each year? What are the common reasons that passengers are made to wait for their fli [...]

5 Things to Do Whilst Waiting for a Delayed Plane5 Things to Do Whilst Waiting for a Delayed Plane

There's nothing worse than a delayed departure. Whether you’re excited to finally get your holiday started, or you just want to get home to your own bed, being stuck in an airport can be mind-numbing.

To get you through your unexpected airport stay, we’ve collated our top five things to do [...]

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