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Favourite Airports Voted By British Sun Seekersbest-british-airports

Wey aye, it’s official. Newcastle has been hailed the nation’s top airport in a poll of British sunseekers.

The Geordie gateway was a run-a-way winner when we asked Brits to vote for their favourite of the UK’s top 30 airports they’d visited.

Our research looked into which airport [...]

CJEU Rules Bird Strikes Are An Extraordinary CircumstanceCJEU Rules Bird Strikes Are An Extraordinary Circumstance

A ruling yesterday (4/5/17) given by the European Court in the case of C-315/15 – Pešková –v- Travel Service, will come as a severe blow to many passengers wishing to claim compensation for flight delays caused by bird strikes and other similar causes. It overturns several rulings by the English [...]

High Court Sheriff Turns up to Enforce PaymentThe Sheriffs Are Coming

Pakistan International Airlines neglecting payment of court judgment gets nasty shock when high court sheriff turns-up with TV cameras to enforce payment. BBC's here come the sherriffs.

When it comes to claiming flight compensation, the battle does not always end with a successful Judgment. [...]

Five Reasons The Weather Can Cause A Flight Delay Five reasons the weather can cause a flight delay

When you’re at the airport waiting for a flight, and you see a light dusting of snow on the ground or a rain shower, it can seem ridiculous that weather can cause aviation delays.

But what may seem like a harmless bit of weather can cause havoc for flights all over the world. Here are just [...]

Forgotten Items Cost Holiday Makers MillionsForgotten-Items

It’s ridiculous to think that the average week in the sun, plus spending money, totals a whopping £1,244 per family.

But it’s even more stupid that as a nation, we cough up £144 million every year replacing our forgotten holiday items.

Yes, you read that right. We spend an average [...]

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