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Why Do Flights Get Delayed In Fog?Why Do Flights Get Delayed In Fog

All kinds of weather can cause havoc for airports. Heavy rain can make the runways slippery, and thunderstorms can create turbulence in the air. But why do flights get delayed in fog? If pilots can fly during the night, surely they can fly in fog?

For air traffic controllers, guiding planes is a very visual job. Usually, directing traffic during both take-off and landing, is conducted by literally looking out of the control tower to assess which aircrafts can take off and land safely [...]

Top 6 Insane Flight Delay Causes Uncovered By Our ClientsInsane Flight Delay Reasons

You’ve rushed home from work, zoomed around packing bags and battled to get the kids ready, only to be told your flight is going nowhere.

And the reason why? Spilt orange juice, thanks to a passenger on board your aircraft.

Apparently, it was such a catastrophe, that the spill caused an electrical fault and grounded a plane flying from Liverpool to Malaga last year.

This was just one of thousands of hilarious reasons we stumbled across for flights being delayed and cancelled [...]

The 5 Most Delayed Destinations At Easter To AvoidEast Flight Delays

If you’re deciding to leave the UK for either Corfu or Ibiza this Easter, then there’s the sad possibility that your time at these sunny islands will be cut short.

Annoyances won’t only come in the form of busy airports and long queues this Easter, as 50 per cent of passengers heading to the Mediterranean’s top holiday spots are expected to face delays to their flights.

Those heading in the direction of Canary Island favourite Lanzarote are also likely to face a similar sce [...]

Ryanair Insist Claims Should Go Through Irish CourtsRyanair Irish Courts Flight Delay

Ryanair has filed a notice indicating that they will no longer accept the jurisdiction of the court of England and Wales.

In the matter of Menditta v Ryanair, the airline argued that when booking flights, their customers agree for any compensation claim is to be governed under Irish law, and for any disputes to be subject only to the jurisdiction of the Irish Courts.

The case of Menditta is due to be heard at Liverpool County Court on the 25th of April 2017. The outcome [...]

Google Data Surveys Point To Recurring Travel TrendsGoogle Data EU

Google search data has recently highlighted information which suggests that the European travel industry has been heavily affected by the terrorist activities over the last 12 months. Ruairidh Roberts, who is the Head of Travel Industry Data for Google, spoke at a recent travel trends seminar and made this announcement. Desire for EU travel has taken a severe plummet in the months after major global attacks, claims Roberts. Despite these recent revelations, the overall online travel indus [...]

British Airways Flight Delay In LarnacaBritish Airways Flight Delays

British Airways have this week been forced to apologise to 100’s of disgruntled holidaymakers. Passengers on board flight number: BA0663 have described how their flight was delayed for almost 48 hours due to what BA said was an “error with the inflight air-conditioning”. The flight delay took place on the Larnaca to London Heathrow chartered flight earlier this week. [...]

Unusual Causes Of Flight Delaysunusual flight delay causes

Our passengers are always bringing to our attention different types of flight delay causes. Around the world there have been lots of bizarre cases which have been highlighted in the media over the last 6 years. Here is a selection of some of the unusual ones which you would'nt expect to come across every day.


A Frankfurt bound flight which left Dallas Fort Worth Airport failed to take off on time. The American Airlines operated flight was delayed after a large swarm of more [...]

Monarch Live To Fly Another DayMonarch flight delay compensation

Following on from the announcement in September that Monarch Airlines had been struggling financially. It has today been announced that Greybull Capital have committed to a £165m investment in the UK based airline provider. Worries around whether or not the 48 year company would make it to the end of 2016 have now been abolished. The French investment company behind the rescue of Monarch has secured the airlines future by covering the cost of renewing the businesses membership with the Air Trave [...]

Monarch Airlines Set For Uncertainty Over FutureMonarch Airlines Flight Delays

It has been revealed this week that Monarch Airlines are in on-going discussions with the CAA, ahead of what is being described as “D-day” for the UK based airline company. The company have a meeting scheduled for Friday with the Civil Aviation Authority which could determine the long term future of the business. It has been revealed that Monarch are on the verge of having their Air Travel Organiser Licence revoked amid concerns surrounding the airlines finances. If they are turned down on Frida [...]

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