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We're here to help, we have outlined and answered the majority of common queries below, however if you still need to get in touch, select the relevant area below for further details.

New Claims

If you would simply like to start a claim for flight compensation, whether it was due to a delay, cancellation or overbooking, please do so by immediately heading over to our secure claim portal. Our experts could be looking at your claim within the hour.

Existing Clients

To track your claim please visit our Secure Client Portal .

Help And Support

EU Regulations 261/2004

Important criteria

Before reading on to your relevant section (Delayed/Cancelled) it is important to note that in all cases, you need to satisfy the following:

  • The airline must have departed from an EU (European) airport - the destination and carrier is of no concern. OR
  • The destination must be an EU (European) airport and the airline operator must also be based within the EU.

For example, a flight from Manchester Airport that was delayed would be eligible regardless of airline or destination. On the other hand, a delayed flight from New York to Sydney would not be eligible. A delayed flight from New York to Manchester Airport would require the airline operator to be based in the EU, such as Virgin Airlines or British Airways.

My flight was delayed

By law, passengers are entitled to claim compensation for a flight delay under EU Regulation 261/2004 in the following events:

  • The delay needs to have been, or exceeded 3 hours upon arrival at the destination airport.
  • You can only pursue a claim for compensation if the delay you experienced occurred within the last 6 years.
  • To be eligible to claim, you need to have been a passenger on the delayed flight, if you did not turn up or was not present on the flight, you will be unable to claim.
  • The airline needs to have been at fault for a claim to have a reasonable chance of success. We have provided a list of extraordinary circumstances here.

For a more in depth explanation of flight delay compensation prior to beginning your claim, visit our dedicated flight delay page.

My flight was cancelled

Under the same law, if your flight is cancelled, compensation is due if your flight is cancelled. Simply put you can claim if:

If you opt to take a re-scheduled flight, compensation is identical to the criteria outlined above in the "My flight was delayed" section.

Making a claim

To start your claim, all you need to do is head over to our secure portal, the process is complete online and you don't need to speak to anyone. Once submitted, we do all the leg work for you, it couldn't be any easier.

The amount of compensation you are awarded is set out in EU Regulation 261/2004, and is a fixed euro amount based on the distance you were travelling. This means that whether you were delayed 3 hours or 1 week, you can only claim back the fixed amount set out in the regulations, which are as follows:

If you fly from an airport within the EU to another airport within the EU:

  • £210* / €250 for flights less than 1500km.
  • £340* / €400 for flights over 1500km.

If you fly from an airport within the EU to an airport outside of the EU (or vice versa):

  • £210* / €250 for flights less than 1500km.
  • £340* / €400 for flights over 1500km.
  • £540* / €600 for flights over 3500km.

*The GBP equivalent is paid out on your claim based on the currency conversion at the time of your delay (the date you were delayed) or on the conversion rate at the date of settlement. This will depend on the airline.

I haven't started my claim yet

If you haven't submitted your details yet and you are wondering how long it will take from submission to settlement, firstly the quickest way to receive compensation is to start your claim. In regards to how long it takes, we have settled claims in as little as 4 weeks, but each claim circumstance is different and is subject to certain events.

Our team of experts work around the clock to fight for the settlement of your claim, depending on how the airline responds to the claim will affect how long it takes to settle. If they attempt to prolong the process with invalid defences or attempting to ignore it, we may decide to instruct solicitors to issue court proceedings. This process naturally takes longer, but in the end the court will order settlement and you will receive your compensation. The best part is we do all the leg work for you, so you can sit back, relax and let us take care of the rest.

I have submitted my claim

Excellent, you have taken the first step in receiving compensation for the inconvenience caused by the airlines. We will be in the process of ensuring that your claim meets the requirements of EU Regulation 261/2004. Once this is complete, we will negotiate settlement of your claim with the airline.

The airline may ask for evidence that you were indeed aboard the flight in question. Should we need anything from you, we will contact you via email in the first instance explaining exactly what you need to do. All important updates will be conducted via email, so please ensure you enter a valid email address.

Should the airline attempt to defend against negotiations with invalid reasons, or simply attempt to ignore the claim, we will advise that in order to secure the claim we will pass it on to our selected panel of solicitors to issue court proceedings.

Once the claim has been settled, we will let you know by email and send a cheque in the post with your compensation.

Important: All correspondence regarding your claim will be completed by email. It is important to ensure your email address is correct. If you have submitted a claim and are waiting to hear back, please check your emails on the address that you have provided, including any spam folders before attempting to contact us.

During the course of your claim, you will receive important information, updates and general information regarding your claim via email. Sometimes, we may require further evidence to support your claim, in which case we will provide full instruction.

It's been a long time since I have heard back

Provided you have submitted all your information, you can rest assured that our team are working to obtain your settlement. If there is a problem during the course of your claim, we will contact you via email or telephone. Otherwise, sit back, relax and our team will secure the compensation you deserve.

Don't forget: Flight Delays is the hassle free and number 1 way to receive flight compensation. By using our services, you do not risk having to go to court and stand against the airline by yourself, which could leave you out of pocket both in time and financially.

I think I have entered my email address incorrectly

The vast majority of claims are dealt with using an automated system which will send correspondence via email. If your email is incorrect, it could possibly delay settlement of your claim.

If you haven't received any emails from Flight Delays since you have agreed to allow us to act for you, please email so we can investigate.

I would like an update on my claim

Once your claim is submitted, any and all important information will be sent to you via email. On rare occasions, we may contact you by telephone regarding your claim. Please ensure you check your spam folders.

If you have not received an email regarding your claim for a while, rest assured we are working on it and will likely be waiting for a response from the airline. If the airline fails to respond promptly, we will take further action. Please appreciate with the amount of claims that the airlines are having to deal with on a daily basis, it may take some time to receive a response.

For urgent enquiries you may contact 0161 763 8282. Please note that phone lines may be busy but we will attempt to answer your call as soon as possible. Phone lines are open from 9AM and close at 5:30PM Monday to Friday.

We do not require a booking confirmation or evidence on every claim but in some cases the airline will request additional information. We will send you an email with full instructions if we require any evidence to support your claim.

I have been told my evidence is too large when I attempt to upload the file

Our system has a limit in place on the size of files you can upload due to the amount of evidence we receive every day. You simply need to reduce the file size as much as possible by compressing it. For example, if the evidence you are attempting to upload is in a .PDF format, you can use Small PDF to reduce the file size considerably.

Once you have made the file small enough, you can attempt to re-upload it using the link provided in the email we sent you. Important: To speed up the process of your claim, it is important that you upload your evidence using the link provided in the email. We can not accept files that are sent to us via email as they need to be uploaded by yourself to the system for data protection reasons.

Display issues

If you are having a display issue on the website with images, colours or text, your browser may not have loaded the page properly. To do a forced refresh of the page, hold down the following keys on your keyboard: CTRL + F5.

If you have found a broken link on the website that takes you to a 404 error page, our IT team will have been alerted automatically and there is nothing more you need to do.

If you are using a mobile device or tablet, and you are unable to see certain sections of text or images, or there are major display issues, we would appreciate you using our Facebook page to report such issues here. Simply send us a private message and our IT team will be alerted.

Issues submitting a claim

Our online system is fully automated with verification process throughout the application. Should you be unable to proceed at a certain point during your claim, it is likely that you have entered invalid information somewhere on the form. Error messages will appear next to incorrect fields, or in extreme cases at the very top of the page in red.

All other technical issues and errors

If you are experiencing an issue that doesn't fit with the above, send a private message to our Facebook page and our IT team will be alerted.

Conditional Fee Agreement

No Win No Fee: Subject to these terms and conditions and the terms of our Contingency Fee Agreement, if you lose we will not charge you anything for the cost of our time. 'Win' means you are awarded or an opponent agrees to pay to you at least some damages or compensation in connection with your claim. 'Lose' means you do not recover any damages in respect of your claim.

This means that if you choose to instruct us to act for you in regard to a flight compensation claim, you will not pay a penny if you lose.

No initial fee and we do all the leg work for you

If you decide to instruct us our charge for all our work is calculated as 29% of your damages plus £25 plus VAT. Our charge is payable at the end of your case when it is successful.

Unlike some other firms we won't charge you an initial set up fee to open your case.

This is subject to these terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of our Contingency Fee Agreement.

You can view our terms and conditions for further information.

Marketing and Press Release requests

Please contact for all queries regarding online Marketing and Advertising

Missing or delayed baggage

Unfortunately we can not help you claim for or assist in retrieving lost, missing, delayed or re-routed baggage. We can only assist with cases related to EU Regulation 261/2004 which is Flight Delays, Flight Cancellations and Denied Boarding (so long as no extraordinary circumstances are present).

Other unlisted issues

Once again, to re-iterate, we can only help for items listed under EU Regulation 261/2004. For other issues, you will need to contact the relevant tour operator, airline, or travel insurance company. Thank you.

If you would like to stop receiving emails from Flight Delays, please use the unsubscribe link which can be located at the bottom of every email we send.

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