How To Make A Claim For Compensation?

1. Make sure your flight arrived or departed from an EU based airport.

Ensure your flight entered or departed from a country within the European Union. This also includes flights going to and from Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland. Important Notice - Despite Brexit taking place, this also still includes flights to and from any UK airport. If your flight departed from a country which is outside of the European Union, then the airline which you travelled on must be an EU based company.

Example 1

If your flight departed from Manchester Airport and was on route to JFK Airport New York, USA, then this journey would be eligible to claim regardless of who the airline was, so both EU and non EU airlines can be claimed against in this case.

Example 2

If your flight departed from JFK Airport in New York and was heading to Manchester Airport, then this journey would only be eligible for a claim if the airline you travelled on was based within the EU. For example, if you travelled with Virgin Atlantic, Aer Lingus or Air France then this would be fine, because these companies are EU based. However; if you travelled with American Airlines, Delta Airlines or United Airlines then you would not be eligible to claim in this case, because these companies are all based outside of the EU. In these cases we would advise you to seek out and see if the country where the airline originates from has a similar flight delay compensation scheme you may claim off.

2. Make sure that your delay took place in the last 6 years.

The statute of limitations in the United Kingdom states that you may apply for flight delay compensation in relation to past flight delays. These claims can only be made in relation to flights delayed up to 6 years prior to the date you make your flight claim. This 6 year window stands today despite protests from many UK airline companies.

Many airlines such as Jet2 and Thomson Airlines have challenged this ruling and have proposed imposing a much smaller 2 year window for passengers to claim back compensation.

Luckily this ruling was never imposed, which means that the 6 year window for flight claims still stands. You should, however, make your claim as quickly as possible as some airlines continue to argue shorter limitation periods apply.

3. Make sure that your flight delay lasted for more than 3 hours.

In order to make a claim for compensation you need to ensure your delay lasted for a minimum of 3 hours. This timescale is based upon the time you arrived at your final destination airport. Your final arrival time needs to have been at least 3 hours after the time you were scheduled to have arrived at the destination airport you were travelling to.

What Are My Chances Of Making A Successful Claim?

Claim up to £540* per passenger, for delayed and cancelled flights.

To give you and your fellow passengers a high chance of success when claiming flight delay compensation, we have compiled a step-by-step guide to claiming, including how we can help you receive the compensation you deserve.


The brexit effect

Flight delay compensation is an EU regulation and it is currently unclear whether the UK will adopt this law when we finally split from the European Union. However, we won't be leaving for atleast two years, so in the meantime, you can still claim compensation, but we advise that you begin as soon as possible.

EU Regulation 261/2004 allows you to claim for delayed, cancelled and overbooked flights, all the way back to 2012

What Is My Claim Worth?

Delay Upon Arrival Distance Travelled Compensation Awarded
Less than 2 hours Any Distance Not Applicable
2 - 2 hours 59 minutes Any Distance Not applicable
3+ hours Any flight under 1,500km £226† / €250
Any flight between 1,500km and 3,500km £361† / €400
Flights within the EU above 3,500km £361† / €400
3 - 4 hours Flights between an EU and non-EU airport above 3,500km £271† / €300
4+ hours £540† / €600
† Your claim will be settled at the Euro equivalent at the current exchange rate, or on the exchange rate at the time of the delay (depending on the airline).

Why Seek Legal Representation?

Airlines often deny valid claims for compensation leaving their customers feeling frustrated. We have helped thousands of clients who have previously been denied compensation or ignored by the airline. Using our specialist flight, weather and extraordinary circumstances databases, we assess your claim and then instruct panel solicitors to take action including legal action when appropriate to get the justice you deserve. We have won a number of landmark court cases which have opened the doors for our customers to claim the compensation they are entitled to.

To make a claim against the airline, simply send them the letter below which asks them to make a payment to you for the delay. The airline should then provide a response to your letter within 28 days which will either be to advise they are willing to settle your claim or to deny your claim and provide their reason for doing so. Some airlines might ignore your letter altogether whilst others may provide "smoke screen" denials to put you off continuing with your claim. simply won't be put off from forcing airlines to pay genuine claims.

Claiming yourself: Legal representation:
Claim validity checked on specialist flight data and weather databases:
Flight checked against previous successful claims:
Specialist advice on proceeding after the airlines response:
Solicitors to prepare all court documents on your behalf:
Average fee of £300 for a barrister to speak for you at court covered:
Average court fee of £150 fee covered:
Sample letter Start your claim

No Win No Fee Agreement

Our charge is No Win No Fee* and is calculated as: ((29 % of your compensation plus £25) plus VAT) which is payable at the end of your case when it is successful.

So for example, if you were awarded €400, the fee we would normally deduct from your damages is €116 + £25 plus VAT of €23.20 + £5 (calculated at the current VAT rate of 20%). The amount of compensation depends on the distance of the relevant journey and the length of the delay.

Examples of the amount our charges in typical cases based on an exchange rate on 18/01/2017:

Euro award: GBP award: Charge inclusive of VAT: Net GBP award you would receive:
€250 £217.02 £105.53 £111.49
€300 £260.42 £120.62 £139.80
€600 £520.84 £211.25 £309.59

The above is based on the exchange rate quoted on 18/01/2017 of £1=€1.15198; €1=£0.86806. The exchange rate varies over time and the applicable exchange rate and reference date for the calculating the exchange rate, can vary between airlines on a cases-by-case basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

My flight arrived at the destination airport 2 hours and 59 minutes later than originally scheduled, can I make a claim?

The length of delay is measured against the moment the doors of the aircraft opened. If the aircraft doors opened less than 3 hours later than the scheduled arrival time, unfortunately you have just missed out in this case. Compensation is awarded to flight passengers who have been delayed for 3 hours or more, so in this case you would be ineligible to make a flight claim.

My delay was more than 6 years ago, can I claim?

Yes, but only if you were under the age of 18 at the time of the delay. Otherwise, unfortunately, would be unable to help you in a pursuit of flight delay compensation on this occasion.

When you submit your claim with us, our system will validate your claim and let you know if we think you have a case. You can then use our Claim Portal to track the progress throughout the process.

Can I make a flight delay claim for my child?

You can make a claim for your child as long as an airfare was paid for their travel ticket. It doesn’t matter whether the fare was for £1.00 or £100.00 you can still make a claim if you paid a fee for the ticket.

The time limitation however is slightly different for people under the age of 18. Children have 6 years from their 18th birthday to present a claim for flight delay compensation.

This would mean that if the parent has not previously claimed for their child, then once over 18, the child would then have up until their 24th birthday to bring a flight claim forward. If as a parent you wish to act on behalf of your child prior to their 18th birthday, you can act as a litigation friend for them up until this point and put a compensation claim forward on their behalf.

How much compensation am I entitled to?

The amount of compensation you could be entitled to is a set amount based on a number of fixed factors. The fixed factors which dictate the amount you claim are: flight distance and flight duration. The compensation amount due is not based on the amount you paid for your flight ticket which is a common misconception. As flight delay compensation is eligible via EU regulation 261/2004, the amount you are awarded if successful is made in Euros and then paid out to you in GBP equivalent, at the current exchange rate. Here at we will always endeavour to recover the maximum compensation available to you. This could mean us making a request for the amount which would have been paid at the time and date of your actual delayed flight. However as the amount is dictated by a court ruling, this may not always be possible. A detailed table has been provided for your convenience above.


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