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Denied Boarding Compensation

If you have been denied boarding by the airline when you followed all proceedings correctly, you can claim compensation. If you arrived at the check-in desk at the correct time with proper conduct and you were told that you are unable to fly, you have been denied boarding and should file a claim against the airline in question.

Denied Boarding Claims

The amount of compensation you can claim for denied boarding depends on the distance of your scheduled flight as well as the amount of time lost due to the denial. The overbooking of flights is common in the industry. In the event of an overbooking, the airline has to ask travellers to give up their spot voluntarily. If there aren't enough volunteers, passengers will have to be denied boarding against their will.

Overbooked Flights

The airlines exist to make profit, they will therefore make sure that every seat is filled upon departure. The airlines realise that in many cases not everyone that originally booked for the flight will turn up. Many variables go into the process that the airlines use to determine how much a flight is allowed to be overbooked. Unfortunately the airlines can get the variables wrong which will lead to not enough seats being available.

In some cases, the airlines have to force passengers to leave the plane involuntarily, or deny boarding to some passengers all together. This can lead to anger and frustration, all because the airline wanted to make a little bit of extra money in the hopes that some of the passengers would not show.

Making a Denied Boarding Claim

If you have been denied boarding, don't hesitate to contact Flight Delays and start your claim today. The airline that you used are required to provide you with a replacement flight to your desired destination. If you decide to turn the replacement flight down, your ticket must be reimbursed.

You Can Claim Up To £540* Per Passenger

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