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Flight Delay Compensation - Claim Up To £510* / €600

Under EU regulations, specifically 261/2004, passengers are entitled to claim flight delay compensation up to a maximum of £510* / €600. At Flight Delays we aim to make this a quick and easy process for those who have been unsuccessful in claiming from the airlines themselves.

Who Can Claim

Regardless of age, gender or place of residence, EU regulation 261/2004 applies to all passengers travelling on a flight that is regulated by the EU. The flood gates have since opened as the airlines court defences have been over-ruled countless times, so there isn't a better time than now to claim the compensation you deserve.

Why Choose Flight Delays?

  • The airlines respond to us.
  • Access to a dedicated panel of Solicitors.
  • No win, no fee agreement*
  • Recovered over £7.1 million for our clients.
  • Settled over 22,131 cases in 2 years.

Flight Delay Compensation Table

Flight Distance Arrival Delay Compensation
‡ Between an EU and a non EU airport  
Up to 1,500km 3 hours or more £210* / €250
1,500km-3,500km 3 hours or more £340* / €400
Over 3,500km‡ 3 to 4 hours £355* / €300
Over 3,500km‡ 4 hours or more £510* / €600

Flight Delay Compensation Rules

To ensure you have the best chance of success for your claim, it is important to understand your rights to compensation. If your flight falls within these requirements, then there is a high chance you will be successful against the airline.

1. It's for EU regulated flights only

This is defined as a flight departing from any airport within the EU (European Union), regardless of the airline OR when an EU airline arrives at an airport situated within the EU (including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.)

To put that into perspective, a delayed flight leaving Birmingham International Airport with a destination of Las Vegas would be eligible for compensation no matter the airline used. For the reverse journey, you would only be entitled to compensation if using an EU based airline such as British Airways or Vigin Atlantic.

What if my delay wasn't caused by an EU airline? If the delay was caused by a non-EU operator, and the departure airport was outside of the EU, you will not be eligible for compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004. We advise that you contact the airline directly, or seek out similar compensation schemes in the country where the airline is based.

2. Statute of limitations

You can apply for compensation for any past delays up to a maximum of 6 years prior to the current date. This is due to the statute of limitations applied to flight delay cases in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

I've been told by my airline I can only claim up to 2 years ago. Some airlines such as Thomson and jet2 submitted an application to appeal the six-year rule in cases Dawson -v- Thomson and Huzar -v- jet2. This application to appeal to change the backdate from 6 years to 2 years was rejected by the UK's highest court (the Supreme Court), meaning the six-year rule stands.

What if my flight was delayed between 2005-2009? Unfortunately you will be unable to use our services, or claim through the courts under EU Regulation 261/2004 due to the statute of limitations outlined above. However, under European law you are entitled to go back to 2005. For cases prior to 2010, we advise you complain to your airline in the first instance, followed by complaining to the relevant regulator or European Consumer Centre if relevant. If your case is rejected by the airline, regulator and ECC then there is nothing more you can do as you can only bring a flight delay case to court if the delay occurred within the last 6 years.

What about infant claims? You can claim for an infant so long as you paid a fare for the flight ticket. Even if the child was to sit on your lap, so long as a fare (even as low as £1 for a flight ticket) was paid, you can make a claim against the airline. Infants have up to 6 years past their 18th birthday to bring a claim. If a 10 year old was delayed, they would have until their 24th birthday to bring a claim to the courts for compensation.

3. You need to have been delayed by 3 or more hours to claim

Delayed flight compensation is only awarded to passengers who arrived at their final destination three hours or more late. This means if your flight was to leave 3 hours late, but arrive only 2 hours and 55 minutes late, you would not be eligible to claim compensation.

The distance and time of the delay depends on the amount of compensation you are entitled to, and we have previously outlined these amounts in the compensation table above. The amount you are eligible to claim is fixed, and is not based on the amount you paid for a ticket. No matter whether you spent £10 or £1000 for your ticket, the compensation amount will not change.

Compensation is awarded in the Euro amount set out by EU Regulation 261/2004 and will be paid out to you in GBP equivalent. We will always attempt to recover the amount (based on the exchange rate) at the time / date of your flight delay, however this may not always be possible.

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Are There Any Valid Defenses The Airline Can Use

In order to make a claim, the airline must be found to have been at fault for the delay. You can not claim compensation if the delay was caused by something out of their control, also known as an 'extraordinary circumstance'. Examples of this are:

  • Adverse weather (snow, storms).
  • Volcanic eruptions / natural disasters.
  • Political / civil unrest.
  • Air traffic control problems / decisions.
  • Unforeseen hidden manufacturer defects with the aircraft.
  • Terrorism and security issues.

The below list of items would not be considered an extraordinary circumstance and the airline can not defend:

  • Airline staffing problems.
  • Pilot sickness.
  • Bad weather affecting a previous flight, impacting your flight time.
  • Overbooked flight causing you to be denied boarding.
  • Technical faults with the aircraft (not defined as hidden defects).
  • Any other scenario or situation that the airline can take reasonable measures to prevent.

How To Claim

Our step-by-step guide below shows you exactly how to process a claim using our services.

Flight Delay Compensation Step One

Enter the passenger details and flight details using our secure compensation form. This eliminates the need for you to find out the procedure for claiming against an airline, as we do all the work for you.

For package holidays, you are claiming against the operator of the flight in which you was delayed, for example if you booked through Co-operative travel and flew with Thomas Cook, you would be claiming against Thomas Cook.

Flight Delay Compensation Step Two

We will send a formal letter of claim to the airline on your behalf. If they fail to recognise your claim for compensation, we will instruct our dedicated panel of solicitors to take your case to court.

Flight Delay Compensation Step Three

Once the airline agrees to pay your claim, we will send the settlement cheque directly to you.

Advice From Martin Lewis When Instructing A Flight Delay Compensation Solicitor

  • Never pay any up-front or initial fees.
  • Avoid companies who charge more than 30% of your compensation + VAT.
  • Always choose a No Win, No Fee solicitor.
  • Ensure a solicitor will be involved with your case.

Alternative Ways To Claim

It is also possible to claim directly through the airline, and Money Saving Expert have a guide that you can follow. We also have a template that you can print off to send to the airline.

The airline should respond within 28 days of receiving the letter. It is common for airlines to provide invalid defences and arguments as to why they can not pay you compensation, or they may decide to ignore you entirely. If this happens, you can use our services to get the compensation you deserve.

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Thank you so much, as I had wrote letters to the company I booked our flights with and still no reply, but when I saw your advert in a local leaflet I e mail all details to you, and you gave us a ref num, and you have now done what you said and we got our cheque from you, thank you very much you did a great job.


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Citizens Advice Bureau - who refer people to us who have initially tried to make a flight claim directly against the airline themselves but have found out just how very difficult it can be to actually get the compensation they are entitled to. Eventually the client has contacted their Citizens Advice Bureau who have then referred them on to us for help.

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