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Amounts vary. Charges deductible. Terms apply*

Overbooked Flight Claims

Unfortunately, the overbooking of a flight is common practice by the airlines. Under normal circumstances, the airline predicts an amount of passengers that are unlikely to travel and overbooks the flight to ensure that all seats are filled on departure. If everyone turns up, then there is a problem.

Flight Overbooking

If the flight you intend to travel on is overbooked, EC Regulation 261/2004 states that the airline must ask for volunteers to leave the plane. If there are not enough volunteers, the airline has to turn passengers away against their will. Any passenger that is denied boarding against their will due to an overbooking, is entitled to claim compensation.

How Much Can I Claim?

Amounts as set in EU Regulation 261/2004

If your flight was delayed by more than 3 hours, you are entitled by EU law (Regulation 261/2004) to claim up to £510* from the airline depending on the distance of your flight.

Up to 1,500km
1,500km to 3,500km
Over 3,500km
£226 / €250
£361 / €400
£540 / €600

The amount you receive is irespective of your ticket cost and is set by EU Regulation 261/2004.

† Your claim will be settled at the Euro equivalent on the exchange rate at the time of the delay, or on the date your claim is settled (This will depend on the airline).

‡ Between an EU and a non-EU airport.

Obtaining Compensation For Overbooked Flight

The airline also has a duty of care towards any passengers that are denied boarding. Re-routing or a refund of the ticket that was not used should be issued, and normally accommodation, refreshments and communication will be provided if necessary.

Claiming for an overbooked flight couldn't be easier with Flight Delays. All you need to do is enter your flight and passenger details using our online claim form, we do absolutely everything else for you.

Once you have submitted your claim to us, Flight Delays will:

  • Check claim is eligible under EC 261/2004.
  • Send a formal letter of claim to the airline.
  • With your agreement, refer your case to our panel solicitors to issue court proceedings
  • Send settlement directly to you once received.

Remember, if you decided to receive a refund for your unused ticket and did not receive re-routing, you are entitled to denied boarding compensation immediately.

Why Seek Legal Representation?

Airlines often deny valid claims for compensation leaving their customers feeling frustrated. We have helped thousands of clients who have previously been denied compensation or ignored by the airline. Using our specialist flight, weather and extraordinary circumstances databases, we assess your claim and then instruct panel solicitors to take action including legal action when appropriate to get the justice you deserve. We have won a number of landmark court cases which have opened the doors for our customers to claim the compensation they are entitled to.

To make a claim against the airline, simply send them the letter below which asks them to make a payment to you for the delay. The airline should then provide a response to your letter within 28 days which will either be to advise they are willing to settle your claim or to deny your claim and provide their reason for doing so. Some airlines might ignore your letter altogether whilst others may provide "smoke screen" denials to put you off continuing with your claim. FlightDelays.co.uk simply won't be put off from forcing airlines to pay genuine claims.

Claiming yourself: Legal representation:
Claim validity checked on specialist flight data and weather databases:
Flight checked against previous successful claims:
Specialist advice on proceeding after the airlines response:
Solicitors to prepare all court documents on your behalf:
Average fee of £300 for a barrister to speak for you at court covered:
Average court fee of £150 fee covered:
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No Win No Fee Agreement

Our charge is No Win No Fee* and is calculated as: ((29 % of your compensation plus £25) plus VAT) which is payable at the end of your case when it is successful.

So for example, if you were awarded €400, the fee we would normally deduct from your damages is €116 + £25 plus VAT of €23.20 + £5 (calculated at the current VAT rate of 20%). The amount of compensation depends on the distance of the relevant journey and the length of the delay.

Examples of the amount our charges in typical cases based on an exchange rate on 18/01/2017:

Euro award: GBP award: Charge inclusive of VAT: Net GBP award you would receive:
€250 £217.02 £105.53 £111.49
€300 £260.42 £120.62 £139.80
€600 £520.84 £211.25 £309.59

The above is based on the exchange rate quoted on 18/01/2017 of £1=€1.15198; €1=£0.86806. The exchange rate varies over time and the applicable exchange rate and reference date for the calculating the exchange rate, can vary between airlines on a cases-by-case basis.

You Can Claim Up To £540* Per Passenger

Amounts vary. Charges deductible. Terms apply*

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