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Our Promise To You

  • If you decide to instruct us our charge for all our work is calculated as ((29 % of your compensation plus £25) plus VAT). Our charge is payable at the end of your case when it is successful. So in typical cases, if you are awarded €400, the fee we would normally deduct from your damages is €116 + £25 plus VAT of €23.20 + £5 (calculated at the current VAT rate of 20%). This is subject to these terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of our Contingency Fee Agreement.
  • Unlike some other firms we won't charge you an initial set up fee to open your case.
  • You must agree to our terms of business, sign our Contingency Fee Agreement and sign an Authority irrevocably instructing the relevant compensators to make payment of your damages to us and permitting us to deduct any sum owed to us from any final or interim damages paid in your favour.
  • We reserve the right at our discretion to cease acting for if at any stage we feel the case has less than a 50% chance of success, provided you have complied with your obligations, you will then have no further liability to us and you will be free to pursue the claim yourself if you wish to do so.
  • Due to "Care only" claims being uneconomic for us to pursue, unfortunately we must also reserve the right to cease acting for you if an Airline raises an Exceptional Circumstances defence under Article 5(3) of EC Regulation 261/2004, notwithstanding that you might still retain a valid claim for Care expenses under Article 9, in this eventuality your claim will be released and you will have no further liability to us.
  • You must at all times cooperate with (a) us and (b) any solicitors who are appointed to act for you under your arrangements with us ("Panel Solicitors"), in the pursuit of your claim. You must give prompt and truthful instructions. You must not withhold relevant information. You must make reasonable efforts to attend (at your expense) any appointments that we or the said solicitors ask you to attend.
  • You must follow the professional advice reasonably given by Panel Solicitors, and or by any counsel instructed thereby, about making or accepting any reasonable settlement offer or compromising any issue in relation to the claim.
  • No Win No Fee: Subject to these terms and conditions and the terms of our Contingency Fee Agreement, if you lose we will not charge you anything for the cost of our time.
  • 'Win' means you are awarded or an opponent agrees to pay to you at least some damages or compensation in connection with your claim. 'Lose' means you do not recover any damages in respect of your claim.
  • Whilst we or Panel Solicitors are instructed to deal with the matter, you must agree not pursue the claim personally or instruct any other representatives to pursue the claim on your behalf.
  • Information given in this website is for general information only and should not be relied upon, we exclude all liability for any inaccuracy, error or omission contained in this website. Its contents is believed to be correct according to our opinion concerning the state of the law @ 03/10/13. The website expresses opinion as well as fact, regulations and law are complex and may be open to different interpretations. In giving information in this website unstated assumptions or generalisation may have been made and consumers should refer to the detailed European Regulations for definitive information. Furthermore Regulations, rules and law have been amended at dates in the past and may be amended in the future and such changes may affect the law applicable to any particular case dependent on when the cause of action occurred, or the proceedings are issued. Due to the international nature of air travel and in particular domicile & residence of each airline and Claimant, there may be questions of applicable law and jurisdiction to consider in individual cases. The advice in each individual case is always fact sensitive.
  • If other people were travelling with you, we will ask you if each of those persons would also like to make a claim through FlightDelays.co.uk; you should only answer "Yes" to this question if the person concerned has consented to us contacting them about making a claim.
  • Compensation in many types of flight dispute cases is valued in Euro, and where in this website or on any of our advertisements, we have quoted GBP equivalents, this has been calculated at an illustrative exchange rate of 1.2† Euro = 1 GBP. The rate applicable to any individual claim may vary according to a number of factors and how those factors are applied (if at all) may vary from case to case but which include: the exchange rate applicable on the date of the flight in question, the exchange rate applicable on the date any court proceedings are issued, the exchange rate applicable on the date payment or settlement is agreed or made, the attitude of individual judges as to the appropriate reference date for ascertaining the applicable exchange rate, the extent to which individual airlines seek to take issue in relation to questions of applicable exchange rate and/or currency in which the settlement is to be paid. Different exchange rates may be applied to compensation awards for passengers on the same affected flight. The exact calculation of compensation due in respect of any individual claim is determined according to the provisions of the Regulation (EC 261/2005) including that in a small number of circumstances the airline will be entitled to apply a 50% discount. Euro equivalent compensation awards for delay compensation are indicated below:
    • Flight destinations within the EU
      • € 250 compensation for a delayed flight of up to 1,500 km delay for over 3 hours.
      • € 400 compensation for a delayed flight of over 1,500 km delay for over 3 hour.
    • Flight destinations outside the EU
      • € 250 compensation for a delayed flight of up to 1,500 km delay for over 3 hours.
      • € 400 compensation for a delayed flight of over 1,500 km up to 3,500 km delay for over 3 hours.
      • € 300 compensation for a delayed flight of over 3,500 km delay for over 3 hours but less than 4 hours.
      • € 600 compensation for a delayed flight of over 3,500 km delay for over 4 hours.
  • †Advertisement exchange rates:
    • Where possible, we will attempt to keep our advertisements and their respective landing pages as close to the current exchange rate as possible for our GBP equivalents.
    • Current exchange rate: 1.10569
    • Last updated 13/10/2016
  • Effect of charges on compensation received:
    • Example - if the exchange rate used to calculate the award is 1.2 Euro = 1 GBP and compensation amount is E400.
    • GBP award: £333; 29% of £333 = £98.57, add £25 = £123.57, add VAT (20%) £24.71. Total charge including VAT = £148.28. Net compensation payable to passenger is £333 - £148.28 = £184.72

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